Architectural VS Three Tab Shingles

architectural shingles better article

When I built my home in Harris County GA in the early 90’s, the home builder installed three tab asphalt shingles on my roof which lasted just over 27 years. But that was way back when three tab asphalt shingles were more thicker and heavier which keeps them more pliable and less susceptible to drying out, breaking down and cracking. You would be lucky today to get around 15 to 18 years life expectancy out of three tab asphalt shingles. The worst part is they are more expensive today than decades ago and do not last as long as they did.

Roof shingles are made of water resistant asphalt which is similar to road asphalt and hold the top granules to the shingle. The other material in shingles is woven fiberglass mats which is reinforced with binders and resins. This fiberglass gives more of a lifespan, fire resistant and helps protect against weather elements. On the top surface of the roof shingles are mineral granules which are available in different colors.

Architectural roof shingles are thicker and have better resistance to wind and harsh weather elements so the life expectancy and warranty is better. Architectural roof shingles are not double the price of three tab shingles and last 15 to 17 years more than the cost of three tab roof shingles. In other words, homeowners in Columbus GA will pay for two roofing installations of the three tab shingles to get the same life expectancy of one installation of architectural roof shingles. You get two layers of asphalt which are laminated together which makes the architectural shingles thicker than the common three tab style and have more of three dimensional appearance which helps the resale value of your home.

Since architectural roof shingles are typically more than 50 percent heavier, they have better resistance to freeze and thaw situations. They also reflect more of the sun which can save on your power bill during the summer. So the architectural shingle has two laminated layers compared to the three tab style which has only one asphalt layer and on average will cost approximately 20 percent more. They are also better at concealing imperfections of your roof surface. Three tab shingles are thinner and more easily blown off your roof with high winds compared to the heavier and thicker architectural roof shingles.

Very expensive homes in Columbus GA will more than likely have architectural shingles instead of three tab since they have a three dimensional look with a much more appealing appearance. The resale value of your home will definitely be better with architectural roof shingles. Three tab shingles are thinner and more easily blown off your roof with high winds compared to the heavier and thicker architectural roof shingles.


As mentioned above, architectural roof shingles are more cost effective over the long haul, more appealing three dimensional appearance, more resistant to higher winds and weather elements, retains heat better in the winter and reflects the sun better in the summer, do not crack as easily and help with the resale value of your home. Go with architectural roof shingles, you will not regret it.

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