Types Of Asphalt Shingles For Residential Roofing Columbus GA, Harris County GA, Phenix City Al

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Replacing your roof will be one of the most important decisions you will make because without a good solid reliable roof, extensive damage can be done to your home and its contents. The two styles of asphalt singles for residential roofing in Columbus GA are three tab and architectural so which one do I choose? Both are made from the same materials but there are major differences in the two types of roofing shingles which are listed below. Hopefully this article will help home owners in the Harris County GA, Columbus GA and Phenix City AL make the correct decision when choosing a new roof.

Difference Between Three Tab Shingles And Architectural Shingles?

Three tab and architectural shingles are made from the same materials which are adhesives, fiberglass backing, asphalt and the top layer is granules. The difference between the two types of residential roofing shingles is basically the amount of materials and quality. Architectural shingles have better quality asphalt, about 50 percent thicker, more top granules and better adhesives.

Architectural roofing shingles have more color choices to better suit the painted color of your home and because they have more top granules means more longevity compare to three tab shingles.

Because they are thicker gives them more resistance to wind. The architectural tabs have different sizes and shapes giving them more of a three dimensional look compared to three tab singles which are the same shape and size. Architectural shingles are easily recognized at first look because of the three dimensional appearance which looks elegant compared to three tab shingles that are cheap looking.

Architectural roofing shingles for homes in Columbus GA, Phenix City AL and Harris County GA are around 20 percent more expensive than three tab shingles but well worth the extra expense because they last longer and more attractive than three tab shingles. Installation cost for architectural shingles may be slightly more.

Longevity And Durability

Because three tab shingles have lessor quality, their lifespan is around 13 to 15 years and even less under severe weather compared to architectural shingles which can last about 30 years in average climates. Three tab shingles buckle more easily and more prone to being blown off by wind. So it is obvious architectural shingles will have a longer warranty. Again, in my opinon it is better to pay 20 percent more money for architectural shingles to get many more years life out of your roof compared to three tab roof shingles. Not to mention they are so much more attractive and improve the look of your home.

If you are thinking of selling your home, architectural shingles can increase the value of your home in Harris County GA, Columbus GA and Phenix City Al. Even though they are thicker there is no need for extra roof support. As mentioned above, they are also less vulnerable to bad weather and can withstand more of a load from snow. Architectural roofing shingles are a good long term investment taking into consideration the additional upfront initial cost.


If you need a new roof and have a tight budget, it is obvious to go with three tab shingles but it is well worth the extra money to go with architectural shingles in the long run. Increasing the value of your home, standing up better under harsh weather and more attractive has to be the three main reasons. For around 20 percent more cost upfront for architectural shingles, you will get almost twice the longevity of a three tab roof and a better attractive roof. One Stop Roofing, LLC is a locally owned roofing company in Columbus GA and have provided quality service to many home owners during the past several years. Call us today at 706 593-3028 and experience professional residential roofing at its best!

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