Roof Attic Insulation

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Keeping your home in Columbus GA cool in the summer and warm in the winter takes a big chunk of money out of your pocket and the cost for electricity, heating oil and natural gas never goes down. The recent disaster in Texas this past winter proves you cannot rely on windmills or most other forms of green energy to keep you safe from harsh weather elements. One thing homeowners in Harris County GA, Phenix City AL and Columbus GA can do is make sure your roof insulation in the attic is doing its job by preventing excessive cold or heat to enter your home and increase your monthly power bill. Correctly installed insulation in your roof attic can possibly save up to 40 percent off your power bill.

If you are using your attic storage, make sure there is adequate insulation under the plywood floor. The most common type of roof attic insulation is loose fill which is blown in to the correct depth. Before putting more insulation or replacing the insulation in your attic, it is highly recommended to repair any roof leaks because it can cause mildew and mold. Check the insulation, roof decking and joists for water stains. Make sure any exhaust fans in your home is not pumping humid air into your roof attic.

If you are going to install the insulation, make sure the entire attic has plenty of light so every crack or corner gets adequate coverage. Do not try to walk around on the joists or you might fall through a room ceiling so put a piece of large plywood over the joists to walk on while spraying in the roof attic insulation. This insulated material is made out of fiberglass so use gloves, mask and googles to protect your skin, eyes and lungs from these fiberglass materials. When blowing insulation into the roof attic, pay attention to the eaves and do not cover up the soffit vents because the soffit vents allow fresh outside air to come into the attic and exit through the roof ridge vents.

The second type of roof attic insulation is called spray foam which insulates better than fiberglass and helps reduce your power bill up to 30 percent compared to fiberglass. This expansion foam is better at filling holes and cracks and is less penetrable by moisture, mold and air because it is made from plastic polymers and has a longer lifespan than fiberglass roof insulation. Spray foam roof insulation does not sag over time and adds strength to your walls and roof attic. Make sure to get a good quality foam because some can shrink over time but can be resolved by spraying in more foam. The cost of foam is going to be much more expensive compared to fiberglass insulation. It will take a few years to see a return on your investment so it is not something you want to do if you are planning on selling your house soon. Installation can be a little tricky so make sure you hire an experienced professional roofer in Columbus GA who has been spray foam insulation for years.


The purpose of roof attic insulation is keeping the cooling and heating part of your home from exiting through your roof so do your research online and educate yourself which is the best type of roof attic insulation for your requirements. Over the long term there is no doubt that spray foam insulation will save you more on your power bill compared to common fiberglass roof attic insulation but as mentioned above is more expensive. If the type of foam spray you choose does shrink over time then there is an additional cost to respray it again. If you are a homeowner in Columbus GA, Phenix City AL or Harris County GA and planning to replace the insulation in your attic, let One Stop Roofing, LLC inspect your attic for water leaks.

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