Metal Roofing

First thing that comes to mind when I think of metal roofing is barns or old country homes but more modern home owners in Harris County GA, Columbus GA and Phenix City AL are choosing metal shingles. This can be rather expensive depending on the roofing contractor’s cost.

Metal roofing is basically silicon coated steel, stone coated steel or galvanized steel. More than 100 years ago galvanized metal sheets were coated with zinc to protect from rust.

Metal Shingle Roofing - Advantages And Disadvantages


  • Not all contractors can do metal roof installation
  • Metal roofing is heavy
  • Metal roofs take more time to install and are usually more expensive


  • Metal roofs are more durable
  • Holds up to harsh weather
  • Longevity
  • Energy efficient

This type of roof stand up better in bad weather, up to 145 miles per hour, compared to shingles and the life expectancy is around 50 to 60 years. Metal roofs have overlapping and interlocking panels which make it hard for strong winds to do any damage.

Another benefit home owners in Columbus GA, Phenix City AL and Harris County GA will get is its ability hold up under hail because it is more impact resistant than other types of roofing. When it comes to natural disasters metal roofing can give you a piece of mind. The initial investment for a metal roof is a great decision but it is important to have all information about the materials in order to choose the best metal roof for your home.

The Advantages of Stamped Modular Metal Panels

The reason these panels are popular is because they are shaped to look like tile, slate and other types of shingles. Some of the benefits are listed below:

Stamped metal roofing has many different styles and colors that offer home owners in Harris County GA, Phenix City AL and Columus GA flexibility in choosing a style that looks good. Metal shingles can be found that resembles asphalt shingles.

Metal shingles can reflect the heat from the sun because are usually coated with reflective paint which helps lower your power bill.

Instead of pulling off your old asphalt roof you can install stamped metal shingles over them and save on the initial installation.

Disadvantages Stamped Metal Shingle Roofs

Your warranty may not be as good seam metal roofs because they do not have the same quality control standards. If you have a tight budget, seam metal roofs cost less than stamped metal shingles and has better longevity. Stamped metal roofs are not a good choice if you have a low pitch because rain water could build up and cause damage to your home.

What Is The Best Metal Roof?

There are some things to consider about the roof’s construction before you decide what type of metal roof to install on your home in Columbus GA, Harris County GA and Phenix City AL. If you get several quotes for a new metal roof and you choose the lowest quote, be sure your contractor is using high quality materials because many contractors use lesser quality materials. Below are some things to check in order to determine of the roofing materials are good quality.

Check metal type and grade to ensure quality and longevity. Most are made of steel and aluminum so choose according to the climate where you live. Lower grade materials which are cheaper typically have less zinc which is important in rust protection. So if a roofing contractor gives you a real low quote, check the zinc content or you will be disappointed years later when your roof starts to rust.

Ask the contractor if the metal fasteners are compatible with your roof base metal, exposed or concealed and do they allow panel movement due to heat.

The initial investment of a metal roof will be more than asphalt singles but when you consider it will last 75 years compared to 20 years for asphalt singles, it will be more cost effective over the long term to go with metal roofing.


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