Prevent Moisture In Your Roof Attic

prevent attic moisture

More than likely most homeowners in Columbus GA are not even aware that moisture can accumulate in your roof attic and cause many problems including mildew and mold. Humidity condensation will occur when cold air collides with warm air so during the winter cold air in your attic can mix with warm air from inside your home if your roof attic is not insulated very well. This article will help you determine if you have excess moisture in your roof attic.

The recommended humidity inside a home is 29 to 49 percent during winter and higher levels will cause condensation to appear on ceilings, walls and especially windows if they are not sealed good. Moisture can penetrate your home through the cement foundation, attics or basements. Excessive exposure of moisture on wood will cause rotting and metal will cause rust so excessive moisture in your home can cause a lot of damage and be very expensive to replace or repair.

If moisture is coming from your cement foundation, you can install downspouts and seamless gutters which you should clean out on a regular basis. If the ground is sloping toward your foundation causing excessive rain water to pool around your foundation, you should install French drains which can help reduce the moisture in your foundation. Also a dehumidifier can help reduce the moisture in your home down the recommended level of around 29 to 49 percent.

After you have sealed all air leaks inside your home from outside, you should check and make sure the roof attic insulation is the correct type and correctly installed. The attic floor insulation should have a vapor barrier rated at no less than R30 and if not, you will need to add more attic insulation.

Most professional roofing companies in Columbus GA know proper roof attic ventilation is a combination of incoming fresh air through the vents in your soffit below the fascia board and exiting through the ridge vents at the highest part of your roof. If you have air coming in through the side gables of a roof, it can interfere with the fresh air coming in from the soffits and exiting the roof ridge vents so it is recommended to block these gable vents.

The below problems can be an indication you have excessive moisture in your attic.

  • Roof sheathing is buckled
  • Dark water stains on the insulation and attic floor
  • Rust on metal rafter fasteners and roofing nails
  • Insulation is moist


Moisture in your roof attic is due to warm air rising from the top floor of your house to the attic where much colder air resides and can be the result of poor insulation in your roof attic. The next step would be to get a trusted professional roofing company in Columbus GA to inspect your roof attic for moisture damage. One Stop Roofing, LLC can inspect your attic and determine if you roof attic insulation is adequate to prevent moisture from developing possibly causing mildew and mold which is not good for your health.

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