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pvc roofing article

Generally, PVC is most commonly used in plumbing but it is also used in other types of industries as well including commercial roofing in Columbus GA. It is very durable and cheaper than most other plastics. PVC roofing material is made of two layers that have a strong coarse fabric between the two layers to form a single membrane. The bottom layer is essentially a black PVC and is flexible because of solvents added to a synthetic resin. The top layer also has solvents added to a synthetic resin as well but in addition has other materials for color, reflective and to make it stable in UV environments. As PVC roofing membrane sheets are installed, hot air fusion is used to connect them together which creates a water tight roofing system that can last for many decades.

According to some experts toxic chemicals are a byproduct of PVC production and is a carcinogen to humans known to cause cancer. That being said, PVC roofing is one of the most popular commercial roofing materials that require a flat roof in Columbus GA. This type of material is reflective with a high thermal resistance which helps reduce heat inside buildings and save on your electric bill. PVC roofing has great wind resistance because it has no seams, no moisture damage and does not rust like metal roofs or nails in asphalt shingles.

Your roofing company in Columbus GA will more than likey remove the old roof on your commercial building before install a PVC roof because it requires a clean flat roof. PVC roofing has very good resistance to chemicals and fire which makes it more advantageous for commercial buildings that may contain different types of chemicals. In very cold weather PVC roofing can crack very easily so you would not want any roof repair done in the winter.

If a professional roofing company in Columbus GA install your PVC roof correctly, there is little to no maintenance required other than cleaning up tree limbs or anything that might clog water channels or drains. If a hole does develop in your PVC roof, all you have to do is fuse a piece of new PCV membrane over it. If installed properly, PVC roofing typically has a longevity of 30 years or more. If installed properly, PVC roofing typically has a longevity of 30 years or more. A PVC manufacturer will not give you a warranty until one of their own representatives comes out and comfirms your roofing company in Columbus GA you hired has installed it to their specifications.


Because of its recycling capabilities, PVC roofing is very environmentally friendly compared to asphalt singles which cannot be recycled because they are all made from fossil fuels and at the end of their life expectancy end up in landfills which is bad for the environment. It is excellent for commercial building with flat roofs because there are no seams. PVC roofing is also very wind resistant for the same reason. And last be not least, very little maintenance needs to be done on PVC roofs other than making sure nothing obstructs and vent pipes, drains or water channels.

If your commercial building in Columbus GA needs a PVC roof, call One Stop Roofing, LLC and let our professional roofers exceed your expectations in roofing installation and repair. We have been in the roofing business for more than 10 years with many satisfied customers in Harris County GA, Phenix City AL and Columbus GA.

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