Repairs For Less Serious Roof Leaks

repairs for less serious roof leaks

There are minor roof leaks that homeowners might be able to repair without calling a professional roofing company in Columbus GA. Do not attempt these repairs if you do not feel comfortable with heights and you must have all the necessary materials and tools to complete your roof repairs. It is not worth being injured to save any money you will spend on hiring a professional roofing company in Harris County GA, Phenix City AL or Columus GA.

There are many areas of your roof where rain water can enter and cause damage to the rest of your home. A lot of moisture in your attic can cause mold and wood to rot. You should get your roof inspected every 2 to 3 years for wear and any cracks that might let rain water into your attic.

Moisture, gases and odors exit from your bathrooms and kitchen through plumbing air vents which are also known as vent stacks that are on top of your roof in Columbus GA. They also permit fresh air into your plumbing system which helps the flow of water through your drain pipes.

The air vent is essentially a PVC pipe attached to your drain lines and exits the roof through a roof vent. Most of these vents look like white PVC pipes coming out of your roof and are generally visible from the ground. Water flow can be interrupted when negative pressure increases in drainage pipes due to blocked plumbing vent pipes and cleaning out a stopped up drain will not help your problem until the blocked plumbing vent is fixed. If the plumbing vent on top of your roof is damaged and clogged, you will not have good air quality in your home because it prevents oxygen from being able to break down the sewage odor in the waste pipes.

If any drains in your bathroom or kitchen are leaking it is because your roof plumbing vent pipes are clogged or damaged. There are some things you can do to determine if rain water leaking into your attic from damaged plumbing vent pipes exiting your roof. More than likely you will have to call a professional roofing company in Columbus GA if you see in your attic that a water leaking is entering from the plumbing vent on your roof. Generally the water leak happens at the aluminum metal collar which is around the base of the plumbing vent pipe and has a rubber boot at the top of the collar. Most of the time the the vent collars will rust and crack or the rubber boot will also dry out and start cracking allowing rain water to enter into your attic and damage the ceilings and walls in your home and causing mold in your attic and interior of your home. Also other problems with your plumbing vent pipes could possibly be with dried out and cracked roof tar or rusted metal flashing around the vent pipe.


A proper ventilated attic is basically allowing fresh air into your attic and allowing the old hot air to escape through different roof vents such as soffit vents, ridge vents, powered attic fans and gable vents. Damaged or clogged roof vents are the most common reasons for roof leaks in addition to chimneys and skylights. Again, if you do not feel comfortable with roof heights and do not have the materials to fix your problems with roof leaks, One Stop Roofing, LLC, located in Columbus GA, has professional friendly roofers who would be happy to help you resolve your roof leaking situation.

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