Roof Coatings

roof coatings

Roof coatings are basically elastic materials which can be applied directly over some surfaces thereby saving the labor cost of tearing off your roof. This article will cover the advantages of roof coatings which has been around for many years in Columbus GA.

Roof coatings are generally 60 percent less than the cost of a typical roof replacement and can last up to 20 years. This type of roofing provides a water tight seal and if installed correctly, can be coated over several times reducing frequent repair and maintenance. Some coating materials come in very light colors which is reflective against the sun which reduces the amount of heat in your building and during the hot summer months can save you money on your power bill.

Roof coatings are more environmentally friendly because there is nothing to be torn off unlike old shingles from commercial and residential buildings which end up in our landfills and pollute the environment. Different types of weather conditions and roofs will determine which roof coating is best suited for your commercial needs in Columbus GA.

Butylene roof coating is a synthetic rubber which drys fast, reflective and consist of a solvent based polymer and is good for spraying or rolling over commercial metal roofs. Because butylene roof coating has low solid content it take more of this material than other types of roof coating materials and is not cost effective.

Asphalt emulsion roof coating is generally a dark color which is a commonly used material and consist of asphalt material in water and the bonding agent is clay. It has different compounds are added to give it more durability and strength. Asphalt coatings are affected by freezing weather because they are a water based material and is mostly something you would apply during warmer weather.

The most resistance to standing rain water would be silicone roof coating and last longer than other roof coatings without getting hard and chipping. Less of this material is needed to cover a roof because it has a high solid content and is a good choice for covering metal roofs. Because they tear very easily it is recommended to add roof granules. Older commercial roofs in Columbus GA would benefit from roof coatings because it is more energy efficient and cost effective compared other types of roofing materials. Also they are more reflective which saves money on your electric bill.

After deciding which roof coating is best suited for your commercial or residential building, go to Google and search for roofing companies in Harris County GA, Phenix City AL and Columbus GA with many years experience in all types of roof materials who is also licensed and bonded. Once you have chosen which roof contractor to go with, check out the reviews for this company online. Also if you go with the lowest price roofing company, that would be an indication maybe they are not using the best quality materials and doing poor quality workmanship. By the same token do not go with the highest price either. Try to find a reasonable price from a quality roofing company in Columbus GA.


As I have mentioned before the roof on your home is the most important structure that protects the rest of your home and contents from harsh weather elements so do your research in finding a reputable roofing company in Columbus GA that is friendly, honest, trustworthy and is proud of the outstanding work they provide. One Stop Roofing, LLC has been in business for more than ten years and pride ourselves on the excellent quality of service in the roofing industry. Call us today if you are considering a roof coating for your commercial or residential buildings and one of our professional friendly roofers will come out and give you a free estimate.

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