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If you are a homeowner in Columbus GA most professional roofers will know the style of roof you choose determines the look of your home, value, energy efficient, and extra storage in the attic. You should become familiar with the different styles of roofs so you can choose the best style roof for your home. Different areas of the U.S. might be a factor on the style of roof that is best suited for you. This article will explain the different styles of roofs and will help you have a piece of mind that you made the correct decision when building your new home in Harris County GA or Columbus GA.

The first style of roof we will discuss is the Hip Roof which is the second choice of most homeowners. This type of roof has four sides with slopes that come together at the top to form a ridge which is more stable. This makes it better for ice, snow and rain to run off your roof. They are made from different kinds of materials like metal tiles, concrete, clay or asphalt and because of their complex design and extra materials are more expensive than the most common gable roof. Maintenance and inspections on your hip roof on a regular basis will help extend the longevity.

The Mansard roof has a low pitch roof in the center made from four double sloped sides and provides extra attic space. Because this type of roof has more crafted details than other roofs, they are generally more expensive but if you are considering down the road on having more addons, it will be more easier and cost effective. The most common types of materials used for the Mansard roof are zinc, copper, slate, and wood. The zinc and copper materials will cost more initially but give more value to your home. The Mansard roof is not recommend for areas of the U.S. that get a lot of snow, ice and rain because the lower area can be more easily damaged by these elements.

Side gable roof is the third style which is the most common in the U.S. and has two pitched sides going up to create a triangle top. Most of the old Colonial homes have a front gable roof so the front porch can have a cover. A Dutch gable roof is a combination of gable and hip which provides more attic space and is basically a gable roof on top of a hip roof. A lot of professional roofers will tell you this is the style that is more common in Columbus GA.

The fourth style is the Gambrel roof which is basically a triangular barn style having two sloped sides. The upper slope is not as steep as the lower slope and has more space for an attic or living space.

The fifth style is called the Jerkinhead roof which is a combination of hip and gable roofs and has shorter ends to look like a gable roof but shorter sides to look like a hip roof. Because the Jerkinhead roof edges point down they are more stable than hip or gable roofs and not as susceptible to being lifted by a lot of wind. Generally this style is made from metal, asphalt, or wood shingles but the initial cost is more than hip or gable roofs.

Coming in a number six is the butterfly roof that has a valley in the center formed by two high wings and resembles a V shape which easily allows rain water to be collected because of the unique design. If you are not going to collect the rain water coming off this type of roof, make sure to have good drainage system around the foundation of your home. The butterfly roof is more complex than other types making it more expensive to install by roofers in Columbus GA. This type of roof accommodates larger windows for a better view of your land but can raise your power bill by letting more sun and heat into your home.

Number seven would be the Bonnet roof which would be good for making a cover for a patio or porch and is basically opposite of the Mansard because the lower slope hangs out of the back and front of your home. This type of roof is more common in the southeastern part of the United States. There is plenty of space in the attic and because the eaves have more distance from the house, you get more protection from rain damage on the siding of your house. The Bonnet style is more durable and complex but more expensive to install and needs more waterproofing due to rain water accumulating between the slopes in the valleys. This style of roof can also be made from most standard roofing materials.

Number eight is a flat roof and allows for water to exit the roof with a slight slope. They are mostly made from rubber topped with gravel and tar but in my opinion are more susceptible to roof leaks. Because the roof is flat would allow you can put an HVAC unit on it or use as an enclosed deck. Make sure to hire the right roofing company in Columbus GA to install your flat roof because it can be somewhat complex and leak if not installed properly. This is not the type to have if you live in an area with more than usual rainfall.


Whatever style of roof you choose, make sure to consider the weather elements for the area in the U.S. you live. If you live in an area with a lot of rainfall, you probably want a roof with more of a pitch for better rain water runoff. By the same token, if you live in an area with a lot of wind, choose a roof that is more resistant to wind. Call One Stop Roofing, LLC is located in Columbus GA and we will be more than happy to consult with you and help you make the right decision in choosing the best style of roof for the home you are going to build.

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