Roofing Maintenance

More than likely a lot of home owners in Harris County GA, Columbus GA and Phenix City AL are unaware regular maintenance should be done on their roof to prevent premature replacement or repairs. Below are some roof maintenance tips that will probably extend the life of your roof.

Metal roofing is basically silicon coated steel, stone coated steel or galvanized steel. More than 100 years ago galvanized metal sheets were coated with zinc to protect from rust.

Roof Inspection

Don’t try to inspect your roof yourself because a roof inspector can find problems you might not see and they can also tell you the life expectancy. Even though it will cost a few hundred dollars it could save you from replacing your roof to soon.

Wash Your Roof

Maybe once a year spray your roof with 50 percent mix of bleach and water which will kill the the algae growing on your roof. Doing this will prevent the algae from slowly rotting your shingles.

Make Sure Gutters Are Clean

My recommendation is to clean your gutters twice per year because this can prevent water going under your roof shingle cause even more damage below the roof.

Check For Leaks in Your Ceilings

Also recommend twice a year to check your attic and ceilings for water damage. Most of the signs you might find indicating a water leak are water stains on your walls and ceiling, soft spots or discoloration on your exterior walls, mildew spots with odors in the interior.

Check Around The Base Of Your Chimney

While inspecting your home twice a year for water leaks be sure to check your chimney especially around the base where the shingle meet the roof. Seal any cracks with a tar base sealant. If your chimney has siding or bricks, check them as well for cracks.

Ask the contractor if the metal fasteners are compatible with your roof base metal, exposed or concealed and do they allow panel movement due to heat.

If My Roof Needs Replaced?

If your roof is beyond hope and no amount of patching will help, you should find a good reliable roofing contractor in Columbus GA. Not all contractors are created equal so it is important to check the reviews on the internet for the roofing contractor you have chosen and try to get feedback from past customers if possible.

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